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About The Course

If you know your basic open chords but you are having trouble putting them together with a strumming pattern that sounds good then this class is for you! In the class I will break down 5 of the most common strumming patterns on the guitar. These patterns will become the foundation for more complicated strumming patterns and will lead to years of fun on the guitar. With each strumming pattern you will learn a popular song so that you can immediately use what you've learned.

Your Instructor

Hey, Im Brett and my passion is helping young guitar players have fun and stay encouraged while they grow as musicians and guitar players. My goal is to give students all of the tools and encouragement they need to reach their guitar goals. Wherever you are in your guitar journey I want to help you reach the next level, whether that is playing in your worship band, gigging around town, or touring the world, I am here to help you reach your goals.

What you'll get:

-A better understanding of changing from chord to chord while using strumming pattern.

-Downloadable PDF's of each lesson

-A breakdown of 5 strumming patterns ranging from the beginner to intermediate level.

-A good understanding of modern strumming patterns.

-You will learn a popular song with each of the 5 strumming patterns.

-At the end of the course you will have the ability to strum along with your favorite songs.

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